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Finally, it was reported to Child Protective Services, who removed the daughter. However, they had no room for her at their facilities, so she was returned to the mother. The mother had to move her residence to another town to avoid the step father (who also was banned from coming into contact with his step daughter). Obviously, we would need to hire engineers, architects, contractors, builders, psychologists, sociologists, researchers, educators, speakers, self-defense instructors, information technologists, physicians, nurses, attendants, and the executive, administrative, security, and maintenance staff to maintain and operate the retreat.

Third, NOPRA needs to build and develop an active and collaborative network with all the private, local, state, and federal government rape and sexual assault assistance and research entities. This includes the ‘diagnostic and treatment centers for sexually dangerous persons’ at the state prisons of each state, and the crime prevention departments of every sheriff’s office and every police department throughout the United States.

Fourth, NOPRA needs to hire a nationwide research team to ferret out the most unbiased (and thus the most empirical) research that’s ever been accomplished in the area of the understanding and prevention of rape and assault. During a quarter of a century period from 1964 through 1989, Frederic Storaska lectured at over 1,000 colleges and universities (to many of them multiple times) and to well over 1,000,000 students. During that time over 10,000 women came forward and related their stories of rape, attempted rape, sexual assault, attempted sexual assault, sexual harassment, incest, abuse, and exploitation. Additionally, Mr. Storaska’s rape prevention film was shown to an estimated 20 million viewers, mostly high school students from throughout the United States, Canada, Great Britain, and Australia. Additionally the Department of Defense purchased the film, and it was shown on every army, air force, marine, naval, merchant marine, and coast guard base throughout the world. To build upon this unique information base NOPRA will employ television commercials, mailings, internet, college and high school alumni records, etc. to seek out as many of these people as possible to discover what incidents they have experienced over the last 20 to 45 years that might help us to further understand and prevent rape and sexual assault.

Fifth, we need to design and build a headquarters building. Mr. Storaska is donating the 1,000 acre ranch where he currently resides, which will provide the land necessary for an elaborate educational and research center, as well as a retreat and headquarters. This is located 90 miles Southwest of Dallas, 60 miles South of Fort Worth, 45 miles Northwest of Waco, and 150 miles North of Austin). Additionally we would need to hire a complete administrative, statistical, psychological, analytical, video production, self defense and research staff to coordinate all of the activities I noted above.  

Sixth, update NOPRA’S Free Sex Offender by adding: Code a Nation-wide ‘name’ search. No one else has this at this point; add email/pager/cell phone/blackberry notification whenever a new SO is registered in your neighborhood; add capability to ‘map’ the SO addresses in your neighborhood against your home address; add ‘blog’ and ‘forum’ capabilities; add Nation-wide ‘alias’ name search(aliases of the SO’s);